Mathematical Miscellany #66

Still in the examination season – I have updated GCSE Revision Papers 2 & 3.

Jess Prior Breakfast Warm-Up, Edexcel

See also A Level Summer 2022.

Parallel from Simon Singh is written to challenge your student mathematicians; all materials and resources are completely free and teachers will have access to all the student scores from the Parallelograms which are automatically marked.

Some exciting news currently:

Complete Maths CPD

From Complete Maths, try some Bitesize CPD, CPD Shorts.

Free for students who are intending to study Mathematics at university, an online event from the Institute of Mathematics and its applications, ‘What it’s like to study Mathematics at University?’ Conference 2022. Find out what it’s like to study Mathematics at University, hear from some current students and guest speakers on topics such as university applications, interviews, tips for entering the field of mathematics at an early career stage, and postgraduate research. Full details are available on the IMA site.

From MEI, it’s nearly Calculator Crunch time! Have a look at these excellent free resources from previous Calculator Crunch competitions.

Calculator Crunch 2021

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