Busy marking!

It’s been a busy weekend marking mock examination papers!

So this week I thought I would simply highlight some resources I have mentioned on my other blogs and mention a couple of recent discoveries.

Have you tried Rogo? This easy to learn puzzle could make a good starter / settler activity.

On the Starters blog I have included Jonathan Hall’s excellent Flash Maths site. Jonathan links to the most popular starters here.

On Mathematics for Students I recently linked to some Polar Coordinates resources at the request of my Year 13 Further Mathematics students.

I recently wrote about Jeffrey Ventrella’s rather beautiful composite number tree. Another excellent visualization comes from Data Pointed. I discovered both of these thanks to Twitter.

Other recent discoveries include the ability to graph Maclaurin series with the outstanding Desmos graphing calculator and Symbolab with which you can search for scientific equations.

I’ll finish with a TES resource shout out, I shall be trying Craig Barton’s rather nice little starter on algebraic misconceptions on Tuesday with Year 8!
(More TES Maths resources).