Desmos – latest version

Update – January 2013

I think they never sleep at Desmos – now look what they have done!

My favourite graphing calculator just keeps getting better and better!

The new version is available now, having used this a great deal over the last couple of weeks, performance has been superb, it’s fast, it’s slick – and it just works – every time! Note that you can download a very clear user guide.

I seem to keep writing about this excellent resource that I use all the time! I have therefore created a page where all the Desmos posts are together.

The new feature which allows text as well as expressions is useful, one could easily add some instructions for students. (Select the image and try changing the sliders).

Experimenting further this week I created some pages to help students who are learning about solving trigonometric equations. I have used an Evernote shared notebook for these, you can just select ‘View Notebook’ to see the pages. Sharing pages is even easier now.

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