Rosenshine’s Principles in the Mathematics Classroom

I was delighted to present this session for ATM and MA London Branch #London Maths (watch this space for the programme for the next academic year) on Rosenshine’s Principles in the Mathematics Classroom. This also refers to elements of the Great Teaching Toolkit – Evidence Review.

As promised, the slides (there are lots, but you can pick out what you want – and slide 14 links to the various sections) are available below in various formats. Hopefully, the notes pages add to the images and hopefully will be useful whether or not you were at the session.

The first download is the PowerPoint file including notes, the second a pdf file of the images only, I find it can be much quicker to use links from a pdf file and the third, in case it’s useful is a pdf of the notes pages (links do not work in this format).

November 22 – slide set used for the Seneca webinar can also be donloaded.

There is also a link to this post on the page Lesson Planning – Reference where there are many other useful links to resources.

These slides are the set used for the November 2022 Seneca Webinar.

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