Math Whiteboard

Math Whiteboard

For easy reference, pages on Math Whiteboard have been added to the Use of Technology series which is available from the top menu.

Math Whiteboard is a Collaborative Whiteboard designed specifically for Mathematics Teaching and Learning. With a very attractive interface and underlying powerful Computer Algebra System, this is an outstanding (completely free) resource for Mathematics Educators.

I was very fortunate to have a demonstration of this incredible resource from Donald Carey, one of the creators of this tool; there is no doubt that he and his team are passionate about Mathematics and the learning and teaching of Mathematics.

Select Create or join a whiteboard now.

Next, select the new whiteboard button …

You can scroll through the ‘getting started with math whiteboard’ section to get an overview of the wonderful functionality of this resource.

I have created a new series of pages on Math Whiteboard in my Use of Technology series so this will be easy to find from the top menu tabs. I will be adding further pages as I explore this more, but it’s certainly something I will be using! (Not to be confused with Maths White Board, another fantastic resource with an extensive question bank ready for use which has also been added to the series.)

Using a whiteboard you can have everything in one place, multiple representations.
We could insert a text box with instructions for students, you could insert a video in the text box. You can also paste an image as you can see in an example below, where I included an image from Don Steward’s Median. This example uses a feature I really like, Highlight equivalence.

Math Whiteboard – Highlight equivalence feature

You can see many examples of whiteboards, scroll down the homepage to see these.

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