Tidying Up!

A break is always a good time for tidying up and reorganising things!

Continuing the Use of Technology series of pages, the PhET Simulations, Standards Unit Software and Wolfram Alpha pages have been added to the series.

Edexcel GCSE GeoGebra Resources

Added to the GeoGebra series is a new page, GeoGebra Resources-Edexcel so all the resources for GCSE and A level Maths and Further Maths are available in one place.

A recent addition to the top menu includes Updates where updates to popular posts are noted. A further new page added today is Popular Posts and Links, just a small number of currently popular posts and/or files. I see that the file of legacy coursework tasks from Edexcel has proved very popular this year as has The Workers of Zen.

Use of Technology – Graspable Math

Continuing a reorganisation of Information, I have added a series of pages on Graspable Math to the Use of Technology series.

The pages in the series:

As you can see from these pages there are many ways to learn about this excellent interface. In Solving Equations, you will see at the end of that page I have created a canvas which includes a video – you can watch a video and try the steps shown on the canvas.

The Activity Bank includes many great examples which will show you how to use Graspable Math.

Use of Technology – Autograph

A major announcement was made at La Salle Education’s Maths Conference #21 in October 2019.

Autograph for graphing and geometry is now part of the La Salle Education family and with the backing of La Salle Complete Maths, Autograph (version 5) is now available free to everyone forever. Teachers and students can download the software.

Reading the journal of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics, December 2020, and looking at the videos of the 8 tasks in the article, we see the exciting announcement that an all-device web version is due in the new year. That will be a game-changer for this sophisticated object-based dynamic geometry system in 2D and 3D; I look forward to being able to use Autograph more with students.

Do have a look at the videos of the 8 tasks which show many lovely features of Autograph.

So a reorganisation of some pages, there is now a new top level page, Use of Technology and a new series of pages on Autograph. The series will be developed further in the coming months.

An all-device web version is due in the New Year. Meanwhile Autograph 5 will run all these files, and it can be downloaded for free on www.completemaths.com, running on all Windows computers and pre-Catalina IOS.

Any device will run all these videos.