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Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

This post has been updated, note the latest version of the statutory guidance, published July 2021

Data Science

A new page has been added to the A-Level (16+) series of pages on MEI’s freely available Introduction to Data Science Short Course. This is a self-study course aimed at A level Maths students and uses the large data sets for AQA, Edexcel, MEI and OCR.

Use of Technology

The Use of Technology series has been updated again; With the launch of the Autograph web version, a new page has been added to the Autograph series. Two new pages feature the brilliant Math Whiteboard and Maths Whiteboard. Additionally, the Mathigon page now has an excellent webinar from Eric Curts and a link to the ever-growing list of tasks, Puzzles, Activities and Lesson Plans.

KS3 Page

NCETM’s Checkpoints have been added to the KS3 page.

Core Maths Page

A new page in the A Level (16+) series of pages is on Core Maths. This 16+ qualification focuses on applying maths to real-life problems and has been developed with support from employers and higher education institutions.

University Admissions Tests

A new page has been added to the A Level (16+) series. The resources here provide challenging questions for students aiming for the highest grades in 16+ qualifications.

Standards Unit Software

The Standards Unit software features as part of the Use of Technology series. Recently added is this lovely interactive on MathsPad which is perfect for fans of the brilliant cube buildings.

MathsPad Interactive

Excel Resources – Mike Hadden

Mike Hadden – Binomial Hypothesis Test

This post includes some excellent Excel resources for GCSE and A Level.

Latest Posts & Pages
Tim Brzezinski – Open Middle Problems

The Use of Technology series has been updated again. A new page in the GeoGebra series is on investigations and problems. Also, recently added to the GeoGebra series is GeoGebra Resources-Edexcel so all the resources for GCSE and A level Maths and Further Maths are available in one place.

Ulam’s Spiral

The Investigations page has been updated with a lovely collection of tasks available on TeachitMaths.

Transum Mathematics – Algebragons

This popular post on on Arithmagons has been updated and checked, two lovely resources from Transum Mathematics have been added,  Algebragons and Fractionagons.

Mathematical Miscellany #53

Three updates, a puzzle, and the mind-blowing Mathematics of sunflowers! My post, Reading has proved very popular. The student version has been updated with a STEM book list from Imperial College, the list has many recommendations in several categories including Mathematics. Imperial College says that the list is aimed at A Level students but is … Continue reading


A job for the summer break is always to think about the organisation of posts and pages of this blog. The first project is a check on the reading series of pages; this series is devoted to various reading materials – many of which are free! Blogs – Learning & Teaching Research – Mathematics Learning … Continue reading

Summer Maths

Reading the latest newsletter, I see that Nrich will be publishing a challenge a day throughout the UK summer break, every weekday from 19 July to 31 August, a new game or puzzle will appear on this Primary page and this Secondary page. Once students have tried the day’s challenge they will be able to compare their approach … Continue reading

End of term…

For those in school for another week, some end of term activities… There are numerous suggestions on this page, End of term activities and have a look at these brilliant GeoGebra puzzles from Daniel Mentrard. From Daniel Mentrard on GeoGebra, Puzzles. And 64 geometric puzzles.


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