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I have written several posts on this excellent site and it now has a host of wonderful new features.

One can now register your school and students, set them quizzes for which they get feedback and so do you! You can read Craig Barton’s own description of the new features here and note the series of videos with clear instructions on many aspects of the site.

Testing this, all seems to be working well. I uploaded students easily using a spreadsheet as described in Craig’s video “How to add Schools, Teachers and Students”

It is very easy to assign one of the many available quizzes for your students or set them one of your own quizzes. Again, Craig has described the process in a video (it takes seconds to do!)
Standard Form

I thought I would try this with a quiz I created earlier on Standard Form and all worked well. I logged on as a student to test this and did very well! At the end of a quiz the student can review the questions, read explanations by other students and could also download the quiz if they wished.

This is certainly a feature I will be experimenting more with. Happily I have excellent students who like to be given further resources which enable them to help themselves.

Another thank you to Craig Barton and Simon Woodhead for creating and developing this outstanding resource. Talking of further developments Craig tells me that a Quiz Preview function (currently an easy way to preview a quiz is to download a worksheet) and a newly improved Data Quiz page will be available very soon.

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