Robocompass - simple demonstration

Robocompass – simple demonstration

Draw geometric constructions using the very attractive interface that is Robocompass.

demo commands

Robocompass is easy to use, simply type in commands. Select How to for a list of supported commands. Robocompass How To

Select the triangle image to go directly to the Robocompass file. Selecting play allows you to easily see each step. Note that you can select the page to rotate it in any direction.

Robocompass - play

Note that you can also look at individual steps,

demo 2

easily change colour or play speed:
demo 3

Reflection example

Robocompass – Reflection example

Experimenting with Robocompass made me realise that it can provide rather good demonstrations for transformations; see the above example (select the image for the file). Having set this up it is easy to change the line MN:

Reflection example 2

Or we could try a rotation.
rotation example




examplesLearn more about Robocompass by following their blog and/or follow Robocompass on Twitter.

You can learn how to use Robocompass by studying examples; note the given examples or perhaps have a look at this on a Pythagoras proof.




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    • Well I’m sure I can think of a few things! But thank you Iva – you are very kind! I think this resource will appeal to programmers as well as Maths teachers.

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