Mathematical Miscellany #47

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For some excellent resources to help students prepare for University Admissions Tests. see this updated post.

A Twitter block – Ben Gordon’s study strategies for Maths look great.

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Knowledge Organisers – Mathematics

In a post on Cognitive Science in the Classroom, I mentioned Knowledge Organisers, or to be more precise I mentioned Kris Boulton’s  “When shouldn’t I use knowledge organisers?”. Kris has written on why they are less applicable to maths. Certainly, I had not used knowledge organisers for Mathematics myself with one exception, I have used  … Continue reading

HELM Notes

I have referred to the HELM (Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics) notes many times over the years on this blog. They are referred to on the Notes and Examples page for Further Mathematics as well as in many individual blog posts, for example Mechanics – Dimensional Analysis, Differential Equations, and Further Calculus. If you have not … Continue reading

Wisweb Applets – HTML5

A happy discovery on Twitter, a conversation with Christian Bokhove of Southampton University led me to another home for the Wisweb widgets. Try the Digital Mathematics Environment from the Freudenthal Institute. To access the resources mentioned here: Choose Open DME for student Login as guest.     Explore Secondary Education (also the DME Widget list) A … Continue reading

The Standards Unit – Mathematics

This is an outstanding resource – there are so many excellent activities here for the secondary classroom. Start by reading Improving Learning in Mathematics – Malcolm Swan. The following links give you access to the resources, also some IWB resources. The resources are hosted by Nottingham University, including all the pdf files very clearly indexed. Note that this … Continue reading

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