From Simon Haines, comes an excellent new site for learners and teachers of A Level Mathematics, most definitely one to keep any eye on. Do explore. On Mathematico, you will find resources for learning and teaching online, including Videos, tutorials, interactives and more. Additionally teachers can create classes and invite students. Follow @mathematico_org on Twitter.

Quadratics – Factorising quadratics

I do like the clarity of explanations in the tutorials I have seen on Mathematico and high quality of the resources; the site is uncluttered and visually appealing. Examples are carefully chosen and progress from fluency to challenge. The Pure topics covered as I write are as follows:

Each section here leads to a new menu.

Looking at Functions for example, we see the following:

Activities are varied, looking at Domain and Range for example, we have a card matching activity.

For exercises and activities learners can choose to display hints.

One can so happily get lost in Mathematics on this site…!

As well as Pure Topics, an Enrichment section is under development – there are some lovely questions on factorials I see as well as a Geometry section.

I think the best way to describe the thinking behind this site is in Simon’s own words.

“I’m making Mathematico because I want to help students build confidence by mastering key skills, and then put those skills to use in a variety of increasingly challenging problems which highlight the connections with previous topics. I sometimes feel like my students would appreciate going through problems in more detail than lesson time allows, and they all have different needs. With Mathematico, they can practise skills until they feel ready to move on, get in depth explanations for every problem, keep on top of the course with spaced repetition, and give their teacher realtime feedback on what they’re finding difficult. I’ve been using it with my classes this year and it has been brilliant, not least because it has helped with remote learning. Over the next couple of years, Mathematico will grow to cover the whole A Level and several extension topics so students and teachers can benefit from it as a learning resource, revision guide, and hopefully a source of inspiration for those interested in STEM careers.”