Maths Week England

This week, from November 9th to November sees the return of Maths Week England, an annual national celebration of mathematics. As well as the website, also available are InstagramFacebook, and Twitter pages. 

Note the menu item, Daily Pages, keep an eye on this during the week, each link becomes live on the day with a link to that day’s resources.

There are several organisations partnering with Maths Week England including MEI whose brilliant Sumaze apps are free from 9th November and are running a Desmos Art competition. Whether or not you or your students are entering the competition note all the instructions for creating Desmos Art. MEI has provided written and video instructions for creating art suitable for students at three different levels,

See my post on Graph Art for a little more on Art with Desmos and WolframAlpha.

Have a look at the free Primary and Secondary resources; the secondary resources include from amsp, Where maths meets the world of work. The AMSP is working on videos, which will showcase the maths in different careers; each video will be paired with a resource for the classroom or for use online, so students can get a real taste of what the job may entail. Looking at the first video ‘Try being a Data Detective’ there are 4 versions of resource available for students from KS2 to KS5 Core Maths and A Level Maths.

Gatsby 4

These look excellent, the activities highlight the importance of maths skills in careers and link directly to the Maths Curriculum. This provides superb support for Mathematics Teachers to meet Gatsby Benchmarks 4 and 5; see Linking Curriculum Learning to Mathematics.

Other secondary resources include Maths Week Escape Room! This resource is free and includes 15 puzzles with hints and answers available at the end of the 21 page document.

Various competitions are running throughout the week, remember that the Royal Statistical Society has a young statisticians section, the RSS are running a Chart Competition for Primary School aged children.

Having studied some Operational Research modules at University, I am always interested to see the outreach work of the Operational Research Society and have in fact signed up for their educational webinars running during the week at 1pm, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

To finish – a roundup of the weeks events from @maths_week: