A Level Further Maths – Videos

AMSP Videos for Further Maths

From AMSP this brilliant collection of short videos produced by the legacy Further Mathematics Support Program supports the Further Maths Specification. I have used many of these successfully in class and recommended them to students to support their studies. Look at any of the examination boards, AQA, Edexcel, OCR A pr OCR B (MEI) to see the comprehensive coverage for the course.

The AMSP videos which provide excellent specification coverage for AQA, Edexcel, OCR A pr OCR B (MEI) have been included for some time on the Further Maths Teaching Resources page.

I thought it would be useful for future easy reference to create a new page on Videos for Further Maths, this is one of the A Level Further Maths series.

On Mr Man Maths, you can find complete checklists for Edexcel Year 12 Core Pure, Year 13 Core Pure, plus the optional FP1 and FP2 modules. Mr Man’s checklists link to 6 YouTube channels.

To see the style for each channel, compare these videos on Loci in the Argand diagram.
(The AJ Maths video on Complex Numbers does not include Loci in the Argand Diagram)

AMSP YouTube Channel, the first of two vidoes (8 minutes) on Loci in the Argand Duagram.

TL Maths Home, TL Maths video channel, Loci with Argand Diagrams Playlist
TL Maths includes detailed playlists for all sections.
(first of 12 videos, 7 minutes)

Bicen Maths, this is the first of ten videos (10 minutes) on Loci in the Argand diagram.

Haberdashers’ Adams Maths Department YouTubeChannel,
Loci on an Argand Diagram, part 1 (of 2), 25 minutes

Hinds Maths one 56 minute video:

Advent – Open the Christmath Doors!

It’s December! So many mathsy doors to open!
See my Advent Calendar collection which is kept updated.
(See also Christmas Maths Resources)

Now it’s December – you can open Transum door 1 to reveal this gem!

Transum Dec 1st
Transum Maths Advent Calendar

I do like this Dec 1st Transum activity. Use the given palette to make sure that all the trees are decorated differently – brilliant for thinking about systematic listing strategies. Note the different levels available.

Look at the collections on Nrich on Working Systematically.

Staying with Nrich…

Nrich publishes annual Advent Calendars – one for Primary (2023)  and one for Secondary (2023). Both feature twenty-four problems, one for each day in the run-up to Christmas. Nrich states that the problems are ideal for working on collaboratively, either with friends at school, or with friends and family members at home. A real strength of Nrich – solutions will be published which are based on students’ work. 

From Plus Magazine, see the Plus Advent Calendar 2023; this year, Plus revisits some favourite episodes of their Maths on the move podcast. For December 1st, Oli Freke explains how frequency is related to pitch!

“Whether it’s the maths of chocolate, new breakthroughs in pure mathematics, or the mathematical sound of music, we hope you enjoy this selection of Maths on the move episodes!”

Plus Magazine December 2023

Both Nrich and Plus Magazine have published such good collections of Advent resources; clearly, for an Advent Calendar, the year does not matter so we have lots of choices! See for example this whole collection of advent calendars on Nrich; note the different themes available – a Sudoku for each day perhaps? The 2016 Primary Calendar featured tasks to encourage mathematical habits of mind something we need to encourage in students of all ages.

From Matthew Scroggs – try his Advent Calendar for 2023; behind each day (except Christmas Day), there is a puzzle with a three-digit answer; solve the puzzles to help Santa!

It’s nearly Christmas and something terrible has happened: a machine in Santa’s toy factory has malfunctioned, and is unable to finish building all the presents that Santa needs. You need to help Santa work out how to fix the broken machine so that he can build the presents and deliver them before Christmas is ruined for everyone.

Matthew Scroggs – Advent 2023

Keep an eye on Mathsbox for the 12 links of Christmas and enter the competition for a chance to win a subscription. If you are on X, then watch for the links from @mathsbox1.

From the brilliant Mathigon site, we have 2023 Puzzle Calendars, puzzles are revealed at 9am GMT every day in December and solutions are available on the following day. And perhaps have a look back at their puzzles from earlier years…

From the brilliant Mathigon site, we have 2023 Puzzle Calendars, puzzles are revealed at 9am GMT every day in December and solutions are available on the following day. And perhaps have a look back at their puzzles from earlier years…

Mathigon 2021

Looking again at some of these Advent calendar resources, I think many are useful for end-of-term Christmas activities for examination classes. In this category we have for example:

JCalderwood revision

J Calderwood has provided three Advent Calendars – Advanced Higher, HIgher and N5 Maths for Scottish Students. A great revision resource that could be adapted for different courses.

Access Maths Christmas Revision

Alternatively how about a Christmas Revision Calendar from Access Maths? Three Christmas Calendars are available, one for KS3, and two for GCSE – Foundation and one for Higher.

On Control Alt Achieve, Eric Curts will be wrapping up 2023, by sharing some of his favorite “Cool Tools”…

As we wrap up 2023 I will be sharing 24 of my favorite “Cool Tools” from this year, with one new entry per day from December 1st through 24th (sort of like an EdTech advent calendar).

For this year I am going with the theme of artificial intelligence tools and resources, since that has been the hot topic.

Eric Curts – Control Alt Achieve

In Eric’s post, Cool Tools 23, you can see several ways to check out each entry, including an advent-type slideshow.

Mathematical Miscellany #90

A mathematics resources compilation:

Dan Shuster has been curating a collection of low floor high ceiling math tasks that he is calling “180 Days of Math Tasks”, which can be found here. The original source can be found at the bottom of each slide.

I do like this new PhET simulation – Center and Variability covering these topics:


  • Median
  • Mean
  • Central Tendency
  • Boxplot
  • Variability
  • MAD
  • Range

For more on PhET Sims – see this page.

1st Class Maths is frequently mentioned on this blog; the home page points us to many recent updates, including past paper topic analyses for Edexcel and AQA. Reading the notes at the foot of the table, we see that the Past Series Appearance Percentage analysis is for exams up to and including June 23.

1st Class Maths – Edexcel Past Paper Topic Analysis
1st Class Maths – AQA Past Paper Topic Analysis

Remember that 1st Class Maths also has a YouTube Channel where you will find all the video explanations, and we see from the updates that a video and exam questions for upper and lower bounds have recently been added for Edexcel and AQA; these resources can all be accessed from the topic lists illustrated here.

I have seen several lovely new GeoGebra resources recently, including Dividing Whole Numbers by Fractions Word Problems.

GeoGebra – Dividing Whole Numbers by Fractions Word Problems

You can check further GeoGebra Mathematics resources on their new webpage.

GeoGebra Math Resources
Edexcel GeoGebra Resources

On my GeoGebra page you can find many additional GeoGebra resources, including resources for GCSE and A Level Maths and Further Maths.

The wonderful Open Middle resources are regularly updated; scroll down to the footer to see the most recent additions, including Linear and Quadratic system illustrated here which reminds me of another problem I like; I was distracted one morning by this problem on creating a system of two linear equations.

Open Middle

November Examinations 2023

MathsBot GCSE countdown
1st Class Maths Key topics paper 3F Edexcel

Key topics for Paper 3F, Edexcel, also available: Key topics for Paper 3H, Edexcel.

From the brilliant First Class Maths, see these student-friendly key topics lists for Edexcel Paper 2 Key Topics and AQA Paper 2 Foundation Key Topics. Also available: AQA Higher

For many further revision resources – see the post, November Examinations November 2023.

Corbett Maths – Revision Resources
Corbett Maths – A Bit of Everything practice papers

On Corbett Maths, try the Ultimate GCSE Revision Videos; use the GCSE Revision resources available for Edexcel, OCR, AQA, and CCEA, you will also find Revision checklists, a collection of Practice Papers, and A Bit of Everything Papers; the papers with questions provide very comprehensive syllabus coverage! Each paper includes a contents list with the relevant teaching video.

CorbettMaths revision checklist
MathsBot GCSE countdown

On 1st Class Maths, the Edexcel Revision page offers questions and solutions by topic and difficulty, note the final column in the table which shows the Edexcel past series percentage correct up to and including the June 2023 exams. The Ultimate Revision Booklets for Foundation (114 questions) and Higher (106 questions) have one question on every topic and accompanying video solutions. With similar resources, there is also an AQA Revision page.

1st Class Maths Ultimate Revision Booklet