Have you seen…? #3

… these GCSE lesson starters from Eduqas?

Starters - Eduqas
GCSE Starters – Eduqas

A starter, with a worked solution, is available for every day of the year. Starters are also available for Foundation Upper and Foundation Lower. (Select ‘Open resource’ under Files.)

Starter - Eduqas

Eduqas have a whole collection of Mathematics resources well worth exploring. I have used their lovely Rotations, Reflections and Enlargements demonstrations for many years! Looking at the collection, a very happy discovery, these Loci resources.


Loci Teaching Tool – NGfL Cymru

Appropriately for this time of year when so many students are revising for examinations, anyone for a Mathematics Take-Away? These attractively presented resources offer very useful revision indeed. Full solutions are provided.

Mathematics Take-Away - Eduqas
Mathematics Take-Away – Eduqas

#Have you seen…? is one of a series of short posts, simply to quickly provide links to interesting information and/or resources; a subset of the Mathematical Miscellany series.

2 comments on “Have you seen…? #3

  1. I love the look of that Loci tool. Shame it is Flash-based. I might have to try to recreate it in Geogebra. Unless someone has already done this???

    • I have not seen anything like this in GeoGebra, Mark; GeoGebra would be the ideal application here. I have used Desmos for illustrations too. Agree re Flash, I usually try and avoid Flash now.

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