Use of Technology

Definite Integration

Continuing with my project started last week, I have added some further resources to my Excel file showing Technology Resources by subject content. Note that I will make sure that this page always has the latest version of the file. Use of Technology is one of a series of A Level (16+) pages.

The illustration above uses Desmos to illustrate definite integration; we can also use Wolfram Alpha or GeoGebra.

Other additions include:

WolframAlphaIntegration Examples

WolframAlpha Integration Examples

I am adding links to WolframAlpha examples to both the Mathematics and Further Mathematics subject content files. The example here links to all the integration queries you ever wanted!

New on the Further Mathematics Core specification we have Differential Equations .
This post on Differential Equations on Mathematics for Students has the slideshow and also links to some very useful notes and examples. As part of this project, I plan to publish more posts like this on Mathematics for Students.

PhET Balancing Act
PhET Balancing Act

The excellent PhET HTML5 Simulations include Balancing Act, perfect for illustrating Moments. These work very well on mobile devices including phones.


PhET Balancing Act