Many resources for teaching Mechanics can be found on my A Level teaching resources page, this post highlights just some of the useful Mechanics examples and notes.

Notes and Examples

Mathsbox – Revision Notes

From the excellent MathsBox site, see: A Level Maths Mechanics Revision Notes. The notes have a very comprehensive set of clear and well-explained examples.

Also available are Pure and Statistics notes.

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Mathsbox has many free samples to try, easily one of the best value subscription sites around in my opinion.

Looking at some A Level texts From Hodder, we see My Revision Notes – Mathematics. The series includes the following books. In each case look for the Quick Links on the left – see Answers and full worked solutions. Questions and fully worked solutions for each section of the book are provided, whilst the documents refer to the books, they are complete in themselves. The Applied books include Mechanics and Statistics.

Hodder – My Revision Notes series

When you select Answers and full worked solutions for any book, see Edexcel Applied for example, as well as the pdf document of questions with full worked solutions for the ‘Target your revision’, ‘Exam-style’ and ‘Review’ questions, you will find test yourself multiple-choice questions for each section.

Lucyjc – Knowledge Organisers

A Level Knowledge Organisers
This page includes a set of knowledge organisers from Lucyjc.  These resources are available free on TES Resources: Mechanics. All include Key Words and Definitions and What Do I Need to Know sections.

Andy Lutwyche – Erica’s Errors series

From an absolute favourite resource Author – Andy Lutwyche, (search his resources by newest on TES). Have a look at his excellent Erica’s Errors series which included Mechanics.

Stoke Maths MEP

These are very attractively presented high-quality resources. Looking at the Spot the Mistake PowerPoints for example, as you can see in the image there is a great collection of questions that include full answers. It’s brilliant to see a Mechanics collection.

The revision question starters provide very useful question sets.

This can be also be found in my Starters collection under Advanced Starters.

Dr Frost Maths – Key Skills
You will find an excellent collection of practice questions – try these key skills for Mechanics under KS5.

DrFrostMaths Key Skills

I was very interested to see this from Susan Whitehouse on car and trailer and objects in a lift problems:

Edexcel’s latest Scheme of Work document now includes many links for the use of technology as well as all the very useful notes for teachers. A link from the Mechanics notes led to these CG50 Mechanics resources.

Casio CG50 Mechanics Resources

Edexcel’s GeoGebra resources include a small number for Mechanics at A level, and more for Further Maths.

Pearson Maths A Level Year 1
Pearson Maths A Level Year 2
Pearson Maths Statistics and Mechanics Year 1
Pearson Maths Statistics and Mechanics Year 2
Further Mathematics
Pearson Maths A level Core Pure 1
Pearson Maths A level Core Pure 2
Pearson Maths A level Further Pure 2
Pearson Maths A Level Further Mechanics 1
Pearson Maths A Level Further Mechanics 2
Pearson Maths A Level Decision 1
Pearson Maths A Level  Decision 2
Pearson Maths A Level Further Statistics 1
Pearson Maths A Level Further Statistics 2

It is good to see all the GeoGebra resources for Further Mathematics, for example, check Explore toppling and sliding using GeoGebra.

Pearson Maths A Level Further Mechanics 2 Toppling and Sliding

Dimensional Analysis
AQA: Optional application 1 – mechanics  Assessed at AS and A Level
AQA Dimensions Specifiication

My post on Dimensional Analysis for Further Maths includes many resources for teaching this topic.

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