Data Science Course

As you can see from Tom Button, MEI’s Introduction to Data Science Short Course is now freely available from MEI.

The course uses the large data sets for all the examination boards, note too this very useful page from MEI on the large data sets. Not only are there links to all the large data sets but resources using Desmos, Excel and GeoGebra.

Check this playlist on YouTube of the MEI large data set videos.

Teacher webinars are all available online; see Data Science Teacher Guidance.

Diagnostic Question a Day

From Craig Barton, look at his latest site, DQaDay.

Really get your students thinking about these questions, not just answering them correctly but thinking about the questions you can see in the image – can you explain the mistakes and how can you be convincing that the incorrect responses are incorrect.

Diagnostic Question a Day – Craig Barton

You can search for questions in various ways including the clear tags. Each question very usefully shows the spread of answers on Diagnostic Questions, a link to the question and a link to the quiz from which the question is taken. Check Labelling right-angles triangles for example.

Looking for questions by topic I really like the Collections.

There is extensive help available on Diagnostic Questions including these Help Videos.

Oxford Online Maths Club

Have you seen the details for Oxford University’s Oxford Online Maths Club? This is a new weekly maths livestream from the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University providing free super-curricular maths for ages 16-18.

The sessions start on 7th January at 16:30 UK time.

The content will include maths problems, puzzles, mini-lectures, and Q&A. The sessions are all free and require no sign-up. The livestreams will be available on YouTube indefinitely.

The sessions will be of particular interest to students who are about to start an undergraduate Mathematics (or joint honours) degree later this year, also for those who are thinking of applying later this year to start a Maths degree next year.

Full details are available here, and you can see what the session on 7th January will include on the YouTube channel.

Have you seen…?

MEI’s Calculator Crunch?

MEI Calculator Crunch

MEI’s fun and free summer challenge is back again this year.

To quote MEI

MEI’s fun and free summer challenge is back for 2020!

Our Calculator Crunch is a fun way to continue to engage Year 6s with maths whilst also developing their confidence with calculators, ready for maths at secondary school. The activities in the challenge provide extra practice for Year 6s and 7s in key areas of the maths curriculum.

Parents and carers can use the challenge activities with their children at home, and teachers can incorporate them into work they are setting for pupils either in school or remotely.

On each weekday from 15-25 June @MEIMaths will tweet a  question for children to work on. Each question will involve using a calculator (basic or scientific) to solve an interesting problem. The problems are designed to deepen children’s mathematical thinking skills.

Teachers check the MEI website article for some great additional resources.