A Level (16+) Teaching Resources

I have several pages on A Level 16+ resources. Valuable resources are available from all the examination boards, all of whom are continuing to add resources for planning and teaching.

I do find it useful to follow this Exams Mathematics list on Twitter, where you will see new resources by the Exam boards flagged up. (You do not need to be a Twitter user to use this list.)

This week, a further look at some OCR resources; have a look at this page on planning and teaching resources.

OCR Check In extension

OCR Check In Test – Algebra and Functions

A whole series of excellent Section Check In Tests which include fully worked solutions are available. Each test includes routine procedural questions, problem solving questions and also an extension activity.

We also have Teaching Activities which include exercises using OCR’s large data set for OCR Mathematics A (H230/H240) for teaching Statistics.
OCR Teaching Activities

Included with the Teacher Guides, notes on OCR’s large data set for OCR Mathematics A (H230/H240) are provided.

Note too the comprehensive set of Delivery Guides on planning and teaching the specification. These are available for both OCR’s specifications. Each Delivery Guide includes many further references to resources, with common content for all examination boards these are useful for everyone.
GeoGebra Alternate egment Theorem ProofLooking at the Delivery Guide on Proof, I like this GeoGebra Alternate Segment Theorem Proof by Michael Borcherds.

Also we have a proof of Pythagoras, attributed by  Americans  to President James Garfield.


GeoGebra Garfield Pythagoras Proof
This could also be a rather nice starter for younger students.

The Proof guide also includes Iff from Nrich where the Teacher Resources includes an Interactive Proof Sorter.

Nrich - Proof

It can be harder to find Mechanics resources, so the suggestions in the Mechanics Guides are welcome.
OCR Guides
See for example, Tom Button’s traffic simulations which originally featured in the DfE Standards Unit resource: Interpreting Distance-Time Graphs with a Computer. They were designed so that students could interpret linear and non-linear distance-time graphs. Tom has rewritten the original 20 simulations that featured in the Java program Traffic  in GeoGebra. (You can easily access any of the Standards unit resources from Nottingham University).

Traffic Simulations - Tom Button

Traffic Simulations – Tom Button

OCR Teaching Activities

OCR Teaching Activities

Included with the Teacher Guides and very useful for those following this specification, OCR has now provided notes on the data set for OCR Mathematics A (H230/H240).