Mathematical Miscellany #19

A series of resource updates this week…

Edexcel Codebreaker

Edexcel Worksheets – Codebreaker from @Just_Maths

The Problems and Activites series of pages, still a work in progress in the never-ending quest to make things easier to find, has had several updates, including a new page dedicated to the many excellent teaching resources from the Examination Boards. All the examination boards have excellent teaching resources.

The Problems and Activities Links page is just that, a simple list with brief descriptions. Further detail of resources can be found on the Problems and Activities Resources page. Further resources will be added in the coming weeks.

A new addition to the Examination Board resources is the result of the collaboration between MEI and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET); a set of maths resources.  This set of 20 KS4 activities have been created, aiming to:

  • address a range of GCSE Mathematics content
  • promote the development of reasoning and problem solving skills
  • make connections with engineering contexts and/or settings
  • promote student discussion and communication

MEI – IET Project Resources


Updates are regularly made to the 16+ Resources series of pages where you can find excellent teaching resources for this age group.

AQA has recently published a particularly valuable document, a commentary on their specimen papers, in which Dan Rogan, Chair of Examiners, explains how the specimen papers were created and how mark schemes will be applied.

AQA AS example

Note the new and very clear mark schemes which include a typical solution on the right-hand side. These will be very helpful for students. The document all includes information on how the use of calculators will be assessed.

AQA Mark Scheme example

The AQA page on specifications has been updated accordingly.

Venn Activity Craig Barton

Maths Venns – Craig Barton

Checking the tweets from Maths Conference 14, held in Kettering, note that Craig Barton has created a website SSDD Problems – Same Surface, Different Deep Structure maths problems. Read more on the website and you could get involved. Craig has created another new website Maths Venns; I have mentioned his excellent Venn activities before, they now have a dedicated website.