Mathematical Miscellany #20

SSDD tweet Craig Barton

Last week,  I mentioned Craig Barton’s two latest websites; Maths Venns and SSDD Problems – Same Surface, Different Deep Structure maths problems. Read more on the website.

I was amused by Craig’s tweet to see that it’s not just himself, his wife and his Mum using his SSDD Problems website!  Take a look at the many problems now available.  The menu on the right is helpful for finding problems. I rather like f(x) and g(x). The topic menu offers the chance to find more problems on functions; try function notation.

f(x) and g(x)
f(x) and g(x) – SSDD Problems

For Chalkdust Magazine, Rob Eastaway thinking outside (and inside!) the box with the nine dot puzzle and extensions.
Don Steward has also featured this classic puzzle in his post, Dot Connecting.

9 dot puzzle
9 dot puzzle illustrated on Desmos

I often update posts, particularly very popular ones. As people bookmark the original I want the original address to be unchanged. I thought I would add a new indicator to show when a post has been updated. Here we have for example – Functions.

Maths Genie Functions
Maths Genie – Inverse and Composite Functions

SPrice Legacy questions mapped to Further Core Pure.
Stuart Price (right-click once you have followed the link and you will be able to save the image) has very helpfully mapped legacy A Level questions to the Further Mathematics Core specification. This has also added to Mapping Documents, part of the A Level Reform series.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, (check Wolfram Alpha anniversaries and more for March 17th) it seems appropriate to have a look at Project Maths, an Irish site supporting Mathematics teachers. Looking at the teacher area, many resources are available. The traditional Leaving Certificate examination is the terminal examination of post-primary education and is taken when students are typically 17 or 18 years of age. These  teacher resources are for this group of students. A site well worth exploring, looking at Algebra we see for example under expressions:

Project Maths Student Resources Index
The student resources include many activities with accompanying GeoGebra files.
Project Maths Student Resources
Modulus Inequalities Project Maths

Integration and area

These whiteboard templates caught my eye, simply download the file, project it onto your whiteboard, use the interactive menu to choose the background you need and start writing!

Project Maths - Whiteboard Templates
Project Maths Ireland – Whiteboard Templates