For Valentine’s Day…

The excellent Maths Careers site is managed and maintained by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. If your students wonder where Mathematics is used they will find plenty of answers here. See for example Who employs mathematicians?  

For Valentine’s day we have an appropriate article from Maths Careers, did you know that 6 is a kissing number?!

careers-heartsAlso, see this post with instructions on how to make this wonderful pair of linked Möbius hearts.

If you wish to get creative and try this I advise watching the Numberphile video carefully; following the instructions worked as you can see from my creation here! I can verify that unless you follow the instruction to make sure the twist in each strip is in a different direction you will end up with a mess! Quite an interesting mess but certainly not two hearts!….
use-to-create-mobius-heartsNote the Desmos graphs on my strips. I created a file in Word valentine-mobius-hearts (or pdf: valentine-mobius-hearts) with Desmos images in a table. Adding dotted borders to the table gives guidelines for cutting. I began each cut by using the end of a paperclip to pierce the paper. See Valentine’s Day for the Desmos details.

To create my strips I printed the document and then printed again on the reverse. I then cut out and trimmed the strips so there was no white space at the end – the picture here has been made using strips 10 cells long.

Save your money on cards and send your loved ones (or anybody!) a math-o-gram!

Click on the image and move that slider!

Desmos have provided you with the means to send a math-o-gram to the mathematicians in your life!

Valentine’s Day seems an appropriate time to express love for Desmos!
Geeky people, you could even use the Desmos API …

NASA Valentines
For an alternative source of Valentine’s cards, we can turn to NASA! Take your pick from this post or these fabulous NASA images. (And don’t forget that NASA provides us with many Mathematics resources.)

Remaining with the loving theme you can also express your feelings for WolframAlpha!

I Love YOU

For those in school this week try some Valentine class activities. Transum Valentine Puzzle
Here’s a Valentine logic starter from Transum.

This Valentine Relay from Chris Smith is excellent as are all the other relays in this excellent set of resources. You can find more excellent resources from Chris on TES and follow him on Twitter here.



Advanced Starters – Transum

Transum Advanced Starters

Chancing upon this tweet from Transum proved fortunate. Hidden gems indeed, I had not noticed the Advanced Starters before, some of which I think could be useful for students aiming at the highest GCSE grades as well as for Advanced Level students.
The problem, Find the Radius, illustrated in the tweet is very neat!

Looking at the Main Transum Starters page I see at the foot of the page we have various categories of starters including the Advanced Starters.
Transum Starters
I recommend exploring!
The Custom Starter allows teachers to select the number questions and the topics to include; scroll down the page and choose the topics you want from the Concept Selection.
Transum Revision

It is possible to save a particular selection of topics as the URL for your selection will be generated. It is also possible to drag the panels so your questions are displayed in the desired order. The beginning of a lesson can be an ideal time to review previous learning, starters like this can be ideal.

(The excellent MathsBot site also provides Starters which can be customised.)

Transum Angle Thinking

Transum – Advanced Starters

Back with the Advanced Starters, Angle Thinking provides a good way to review Trigonometric graphs. To solve the given problem, students can experiment with their calculators. Hopefully, students should see just how useful graphs are to illustrate the problem. 



Angle Thinking Desmos

To find exact solutions we could review trigonometric equations. A reminder here of the Quadratic Equation calculator from Math Warehouse, something I use regularly as full working is shown when using the quadratic formula.

Transum Angle Thinking Maths Warehouse Quadratic

Math Warehouse – Quadratic Equation Calculator

Some further problems which caught my eye, we could try Average Cycling speed with GCSE students aiming for the highest grades. I think I’ll try Algebraic Product with all my classes next week!

Transum - Reverse Connection Starter

Transum – Advanced Starters

A problem such as Reverse Connection could be used with a variety of students, older students could look at an algebraic proof.

More on Transum Mathematics.

The numerous high quality resources on this site are all completely free to use. A subscription offers further features.