Calculator Questions

Just a quick post this weekend…looking forward to the BCME Conference this week where I will be presenting two sessions, one on Low Stakes Testing in the Mathematics Classroom and one, co-presenting with Julian Gilbey on the brilliant Underground Maths resources. I will update this blog with details of both of these sessions.

A quick look at Twitter this morning and I noticed this tweet from the ADA Project, a free Mathematics Question Bank with no login required. The ADA Project is created by Sam Powell, a mathematics teacher from the UK, working in Australia. All questions have answers, some have a fuller solution and a video explanation. The site is a work in progress with questions added regularly. I rather like this calculator exercise which caught my eye today; students can check that they can key in all the calculations correctly by answering the questions and checking their answers.

ADA Calculator Questions

On the subject of recurring decimals, some older calculators have dedicated buttons, with others like the Casio Classwizz, for example, there is a way…
From the very helpful Calculator Guide:

Returning to the ADA Project, several categories of questions are available; look at Algebra for example and we see some nice use of colour in presenting a solution to a problem expanding double brackets. These examples could be helpful for students when revising.
ADA Project Algebra

On the subject of colour in Mathematics…