Mathematical Miscellany #88 – back to school

From Craig Barton, “brand-new, 100% free, diagnostic questions, videos, fluency practice, intelligent practice and problem-solving questions for *every topic in maths*“.

You can see full details in the Eedi Newsletter.
Craig’s instructions:
To access these materials:
1. Log-in / register at (you can use your DQ login)
2. Visit this page:
3. Click View the collection
4. Find a topic you are teaching soon
5. Click on the Eedi link!

Note the tabs on the spreadsheet, All quizzes, White Rose (for Years 7, 8 and 9), and Maths Mastery (for Years 7, 8 and 9)

For every topic you will find:
1. A 5-question DQ quiz
2. Worked example videos
3. Fluency Practice
4. Intelligent practice
5. Problem-solving

A reminder of the resource collections for

Each of these pages includes a description of the GCSE content and links to resources, there is a link at the top of each page for sites easily searchable by topic; the old but still useful National Strategies Exemplication Examples are also included.

Exemplification Examples – Algebra

Information and resources for IGCSE Mathematics is available from the top menu tab, GCSE/IGCSE/L2 Further Maths (14-16)

Also available from the top menu tab are resources for AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics

Many excellent resources for A Level teaching can be found on this page, A Level (16+) Resources. I have included the A Level baseline test and resources from Pixi Maths. This very useful set of resources includes solutions as well as the baseline test, a question-level analysis and also an intervention booklet and solutions.

PixiMaths – A Level Baseline Intervention Booklet
Webmaths – Year 12 “3 a day”

We also have on Webmaths, new for A Level Maths, “3 a day” for Year 12 Maths; these resources look excellent; you can also find Year 13 3 a day. The starters are included in the Advanced Level Starters collection.

OCR, Bridging the Gap – A Student Guide

Staying with the Transition from GCSE to A Level, this post, GCSE to A Level Transition includes a resource collection for students starting A Level Maths, and supporting their Year 12 work.

Information and resources on University Admissions tests can be found here.

Mathematical Miscellany #86 published in July includes the following resources: