Mathematical Miscellany #89

A Mathematics resources compilation:

From the brilliant 1st Class Maths, 114 Edexcel Foundation Exam Questions covering the full specification with video solutions to all questions.

Christine Norledge has created a searchable database of all Edexcel GCSE maths past paper questions from June 2017. Christine intends to gradually add shadow questions for each paper and topic and will update the database with these links once the resources are available.

Remember that you can search for questions on Mr Neill’s brilliant resource for Edexcel, AQA and OCR, or use ExamQ from Mr Watts:

Mr Neill

From Mr Neill, a brilliant resource, all Edexcel, AQA and OCR GCSE maths questions categorised by topic with answers from June 2017 to Nov 2021 (9-1), available all on pdf, PowerPoint or Promethean. And to add Mr Neill’s latest update: “WEBSITE UPDATE – JUNE 2022 ADDED. Thanks for all the support, over 70,000 visits. Added a few extra surprises under miscellaneous. Take a look at the QR coded past papers. A real favourite with my students.”

On ExamQ from Mr Watts you can quickly search for Edexcel Maths GCSE and A-Level exam questions. You can choose from GCSE Foundation or Higher, AS or A level, you can also select by exam series, paper, area and topic.

The interface is very clear indeed, easily display the questions or mark schemes.

A September update from the legend that is John Corbett.

September Update

  • 1015 new practice questions created
  • 50+ hours of video solutions
  • 27 new practice question booklets
  • 84 practice question booklets updated

The quick video goes through some of the work that John has been working on recently and his aim to finish updating the Practice Questions and the video solutions this academic year.

I was delighted to see in the comments that one of John Corbett’s next projects is A Level.

Remember that GCSE Level 2 Further Maths is also available on Corbett Maths.

King’s Maths School publish a weekly maths challenge designed to intrigue students aged 13-16 who are interested in mathematics.

Emily Rae – Video of the Week

From Emily Rae, a lovely resource – Video of the week for A Level students, available on Emily’s padlet – KS5 Maths – Enrichment and Extras; two Word documents are available, one with two years’ worth of video links each with a short description to introduce each clip and a second document with the links only.