Identities – Equating Coefficients

Looking at the GCSE content, we see that A6 is on equations and identities and using algebra to show expressions are equal and to construct arguments and proofs.

The AQA teaching guidance is as follows, note the inclusion of “use identities to equate coefficients”.

AQA Teaching Guidance

Resources are not always easy to find for this topic and depending on the GCSE specification students have followed then the first time they meet this important technique may well be at A Level.

So – a resource collection to practice this skill…

To begin, we must be sure students understand what an identity is, we could use this self-checking exercise from Transum Mathematics, Identity, Equation or Formula.

Transum Mathematics

The following resources all provide practice in equating coefficients all resources include answers.

Mr Thompson

Identities (Equating Coefficients) Foundation – Mr Thompson
10 questions. 3 of which have two unknowns.

Miss B’s Resources

Identities, one of a set of Algebra Skill Review Sheets from Miss B’s Resources.
6 questions on identifying equations and identities and 5 on equating coefficients.

Dave Taylor

Equating Coefficients (supporting materials – Answers)
from Dave Taylor, Increasingly Difficult Questions

Corbett Maths

Corbett Maths, 17 varied Practice questions and video.

Nathan Day – Identities, PowerPoint and pdf

Jo Morgan

Equating Coefficients in Identities – Jo Morgan

Two versions are available – an easier version (8 questions) and 10 questions on the original version.

Something I frequently do is use colour for emphasis and certainly this is a topic where colour can make worked examples clear.