Mathematical Miscellany #70

Thinking about November exams – in the Summer, 1st Class Maths created excellent resources based on the Advance information, watch for foundation papers for Edexcel/AQA.

Mr Chadburn – calendars

Whether or not students are taking November examinations, Short questions can make ideal starters – see this Revision post for many suggestions including collections of 1 mark questions, recently updated with Wayne Chadburn’s great monthly calendars which provide regular, varied practice – a little bit of maths each day. Calendars for the 2022-23 academic year (so far up to December) are available here. Note the three versions including crossover questions (these appear on both Foundation and Higher papers so great practice for the more challenging Foundation questions), Foundation, Foundation plus and Higher; answers are provided.

Unlimited Edexcel GCSE 1 mark questions

Show that….
A reminder of this post with resources to encourage students to show their working.

My post on Transition includes the excellent free Transition resources from Sparx Maths, also available free from Sparx Maths is a free formative baseline assessment for Year 7 with a supporting Question level analysis resource (QLA) providing student, class and year group performance on individual questions. The QLA also provides a topic-level analysis of students’ performance in the topics they will need to be fluent in to access the Key Stage 3 curriculum.

Sparx Maths – Fluency Quiz

Not only have Sparx Maths provided the test and accompanying documents but fluency quizzes with answers provided.

Ben Sparks – Circle Theorems

From Ben Sparks on GeoGebra – interactives for all 8 circle theorems discussed at GCSE maths.

Tim Devereux

On the subject of Circle Theorems, see also Tim Devereux’s GeoGebra appletsYou can access each theorem from the menu on the left which includes a useful summary of all the theorems. From the menu, we can see that proofs are also available.

Transum Yohaku Puzzles

To finish with a puzzle, try Transum’s Yohaku Puzzles. For numerous Puzzles and Games – see this collection.