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Examinations – Mathematics November 2022

MathsBot GCSE Countdown Timer

This page – which is currently easily accessible from the menu on the right-hand side has links to the advance information from the exam boards and some resources to support revision for these exams. I will keep the page updated as new resources are added.

Transition Time

Edexcel Transition Vidoes (11 Sections)

This recent post has resources for transition from Year 11 to A level and for students beginning Year 7.

Don Steward – sum and product

The Starters collection includes many ideas for starting lessons including starters for older students.

Index of starters:

This series of GCSE pages is currently undergoing a major update to include many more resources. Number, Ratio, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, all include a list of sites where it is easy to search by topic, and all include the old but still useful exemplification examples for Years 7, 8 and 9. On the subject of Years 7, 8 and 9, see the KS3 page which includes the excellent guidance from NCETM.

Number and Algebra currently have the most resources and links to popular posts on these areas.


Exemplification examples – Geometry
Edexcel GCSE GeoGebra resources

The GeoGebra pages include many resources from Edexcel for GCSE and A Level Mathematics.

Your Year 12 students may be taking University Admissions Tests. This page includes many resources for these tests.

These resources for University Admissions Test preparation provide challenging questions for students anywhere studying Mathematics beyond age 16.

See also – No Calculators Allowed which includes information on the BMAT test, and also useful resources for students of all ages to work on estimating skills.

The A Level (16+) series of pages accessible from the top menu includes University Admissions Tests and many other useful pages.

The A Level page includes many teaching resources.

GCSE and A Level Science includes much mathematical content, it strikes me that is important for Mathematics Departments to be aware of the mathematical requirements for these qualifications and where appropriate use resources which will support Science as well as Mathematics; see Mathematics for Science

From Transum Mathematics, Back to School includes many activities to start the year.

Mathematical Alphabet – Sarah Carter

In case you want somethimg for your walls, some Posters.