Mathematical Miscellany #71

I really like the grids from Jonathan Hall on MathsBot, try his updated linear sequences grid. Note Jonathan’s reference to Amanda Austin’s brilliant Linear Sequences Fill In The Blanks activity. Remember you can keep an eye on new resources from Amanda Austin, I see a fill in the blanks circle geometry activity for Year 12. For lots more fill in the blanks activities from a variety of sources see this Fill in the blanks post.

Andy Lutwyche – Careless Casey

Talking of new resources, see Miscellany #63 which includes examples of sites with clear ‘What’s new?’ type sections or are easily searched for recent additions and/or have a subscription to a newsletter. Looking at the latest resources from Andy Lutwyche on TES I see Casey continues to be very careless with her Level 2 Further Maths!

Maths Sandpit blog

On Maths Sandpit from @Ms_Kmp, A-level Exam misconceptions 2022, a presentation about her thoughts on the Edexcel A-Level Maths papers, from the perspective of reviewing students’ papers. 

DrFrostMaths is such a goto website and an excellent example of a website which is easy to navigate, perhaps try the Question Explorer. A brilliant feature (well one of the many brilliant features) of Dr Frost Maths is the extensive collection of key skills for UK KS2 to KS5 (ages 8-18), practice as many examples as you want, and perhaps watch a video on this key skill.

DrFrostMaths Key Skills

Note this latest work – diagrams for Key Skills are now done using Desmos.

DrFrostMaths Key Skills

From Mark Willis, try his Video site, a comprehensive set of Maths questions ordered according to topic and level with video solutions from KS3 to A-Level FM with interactive GeoGebra apps. Also available are IGCSE quizlets.

From Tom Sherrington, a post providing links to his Five Ways To series including one-page summaries produced by David Goodwin.