Show that…

From Mr Hart (@hartmaths) a selection of Edexcel past paper questions (2017 & 2018 higher papers) adapted to ‘show that…’ type questions to encourage students to show their working. A link has been provided to download the file.

Each of the 88 questions has the paper and question reference so you can easily reference the mark schemes. The mark schemes are freely available: June 18 and June 17.

Andy Lutwyche

From Andy Lutwyche on TES, his ‘Show that…’ resources are designed to encourage students to explain their working. For each resource example solutions are given. The series several resources including Fractions, Forming and Solving Equations, Surds, Equations of Lines and Circle Theorems.

Also on TES resources, a single worksheet of 7 varied show that GCSE questions.

For Algebraic proof, try David Morse’s Maths for Everyone GCSE questions by topic; use the filters Higher and Algebra and scroll down to Algebraic Proof.


Dr Frost Maths – Full Coverage compilation

From Dr Frost Maths see Full Coverage: Algebraic Proofs a compilation of GCSE questions including answers.

Dr Austin Maths

On Dr Austin Maths, try her Algebraic Proof Practice Strips.

Jonathan Hall – MathsBot

Or use Algebraic Proof, Topic 1 for GCSE higher on Jonathan Hall’s Mathsbot

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