More revision resources – 2022

Jess Prior – Edexcel Bfreakfast Warm Ups

As exams draw ever closer, another very useful revision resource: Edexcel Breakfast Warm Ups from Jess Prior. Jess has provided warm-ups with four different levels of difficulty – two Higher, and two Foundation and will be creating more for papers 2 and 3.

For AQA A Level Dr Tom Bennison is sharing his revision resources for AQA A level on his blog. Reading Tom’s post you will see he will be adding to that post with further resources, both papers and warm-up grids; he is also covering AQA A-Level Further Maths and, a paper for OCR FSMQ.

Earlier this week I published a post with two recent additions to the examinations revision resources, on the subject of breakfast warm-ups, remember that White Rose Maths (scroll down) have pre-exam workshops, very usefully for Edexcel, AQA and OCR; the workshops are slideshows with answers included – ideal for final revision. Further workshops will be published.

White Rose Maths – Practice Papers (AQA, Edexcel) & Pre-exam workshops (AQA, Edexcel. OCR)

A-Level and GCSE Resources

ExamQ – Mr Watts

On ExamQ from Mr Watts you can quickly search for Edexcel Maths GCSE and A-Level exam questions. GCSE Foundation has been added in the last few days so you can now choose from GCSE Foundation or Higher, AS or A level, you can also select by exam series, paper, area and topic. Selecting Summer 2022 Advanced Information displays a menu of questions by paper based on the Advance Information.

The interface is very clear indeed, easily display the questions or mark schemes. The original question paper and mark scheme can also be downloaded for each question, providing easy access to the mark schemes with additional notes.

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