Mathematics Worked Examples – A Level

From Pearson/Edexcel, comes a very valuable resource, under Summer 2022, Support, A Level Mathematics Topic Tests, is a new set of topic tests (no login required) for Pure Mathematics (10 tests), Mechanics (5 tests) and Statistics (5 tests) are provided. These are very comprehensive, not only do we have the questions and mark schemes but further notes. Looking at an example, the first test of the Pure Mathematics tests is on Proof, 5 varied questions cover the knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to Pearson’s qualification. The tests are designed to be used with the advance information for the subject as well as general marking guidance for the qualification.

Edexcel Topic Test – Proof

Hodder examples
Hodder – Solutions for My Revision Notes (Pure)

Hodder Edexcel ebooks and multiple-choice questions.
You might find these free Hodder Revision Resources useful,  questions and fully worked solutions for each section of the book are provided, and whilst the documents refer to the books, they are complete in themselves. The free document pdf file) has questions with fully worked answers. You can also see multiple-choice questions by topic. 

Hodder Test Yourself example
Hodder – Test Yourself example

These work interactively, the correct answer with reasoning is provided and also explanations as to why the other responses are incorrect.

A huge thank you to Hodder for providing such excellent and useful resources.

Maths Genie
Maths Genie

From Maths Genie, as well as all the excellent GCSE resources, we also have A Level worked examples. There are two AS Sample papers with worked solutions, Pure Mathematics and Statistics and Mechanics; also available are videos and examination questions by topic for both AS and A Level.

crashMATHS AQA style

From crashMaths these AS Maths Key Skills Check worksheets are very valuable for Year 13 in the second year of their A Level course. The Skills Checks are all on Pure Mathematics and make ideal lesson starters.

crashMaths Skills Check
crashMaths Skills Checks

When working through solutions, take every opportunity to illustrate with technology. 

See also AS Level Question Countdown and/or the A-Level Countdown, these were created for the 2019 exams. Each set provides 10 worksheets of mixed questions with 7 questions on each sheet, 5 are pure questions and 2 are applied. Whilst written in the style of Edexcel, the subject content is the same for all examination boards.

CrashMaths Countdown

I do like the way the pure section of the worksheets includes a mix of basic, problem and modelling questions.

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