Mathematical Miscellany #62


  • Christmas resources
  • Advent Updates
  • From Advent…to Appvent
  • Updates including the brilliant Interwoven Maths from Nathan Day, Bingo retrieval activities from Dan Rodriguez-Clark and pages from MEI on the Use of Technology from Primary to KS5.
Teachit Maths

Included in the collection of Christmas Resources from Teachit Maths we have The twelve days of Christmas budget, twelve challenges for students to practise percentages. The resource mentions The PNC Christmas Price Index, an annual tradition from PNC Bank which shows the current cost for one set of each of the gifts given in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” For craft lovers note the Christmas Crafts with full instructions on how to make the12 gifts from the Christmas Price Index.

For A level students, how about some Christmas Mechanics?! This resource is a collection of six legacy M1 past paper questions covering some of the Edexcel M1 syllabus with a Christmas theme. The questions are taken from 2004 exam papers.

From the brilliant Mathigon site, see Puzzles 2021, and perhaps have a look back at their puzzles from earlier years. Mathigon releases a puzzle at 9 am GMT every day in December; solutions are available on the following day.

Mathigon Puzzles 2021

In my post earlier this week, Advent – Opening the Christmath doors, I mentioned that some of these Advent calendar resources, provide useful for end of term Christmas activities for examination classes. In this category we have for example:

JCalderwood revision
J Calderwood – Advent Calendars

J Calderwood has provided three Advent Calendars – Advanced Higher, HIgher and N5 Maths for Scottish Students. A great revision resource that could be adapted for different courses.

Access Maths Christmas Revision

Alternatively how about a Christmas Revision Calendar from Access Maths? Scroll right down this collection of very helpful GCSE Revision Resources for two Christmas Calendars, one for Foundation and one for Higher.

Staying with Advent, for some great apps, switch to an Appvent Calendar from Mark Anderson, follow #AppventCalendar to see each day’s app.

Updates – December 2021

An amazing new set of resources to explore from Nathan Day, Interwoven Maths, you can read Nathan’s description, What is Interweaving.

Added to Bingo resources, try these Bingo retrieval activities from Dan Rodriguez-Clark. This generator has several settings giving you a choice of topics, including some for Post 16, the number of questions and your chosen display settings.

Added to Use of Technology, for excellent advice and resources see these MEI pages:

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