Puzzles & Games

I do enjoy puzzles and the Christmas break offers time for more! During the Summer of 2021, I incorporated a series of pages, Puzzles & Games on this blog, available from the top menu. Since then new additions can be found in all categories; you can see from the index that you can try puzzles and games by category as well as access collections.

To highlight just a few of this large collection…

Nrich features on many pages including reading; Nrich has many excellent articles on the use of games in the classroom; hence a Reading page.

On Geometry of course follow Catriona Agg who regularly posts new puzzles and has made her collection of screenshots freely available.

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Catriona Agg
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Following each puzzle, you can find a discussion on the puzzle. Have a look at this puzzle and discussion for example.

In response to this puzzle, you can see various solutions including an Autograph file created by Rob Smith. Rob has this up to change both squares and you can move also move a point on the smaller square.

Here’s a recent puzzle you can see with many replies:

Another brilliant Geometry puzzle author is Ed Southall who made 40 puzzles available to celebrate his 40th birthday earlier this year; he has also provided slides for teachers. Check his Geometry Cheat Sheet.

The collections page includes sites many sites featuring numerous resources.

Mathigon puzzles and games

For example for some very attractively presented Puzzles and Games – try Mathigon.

In the category Probability and Statistics games…

Guess the Correlation
Guess the Correlation – Omar Wagih

The collection includes from Cambridge PhD student, Omar Wagih ‘Guess the Correlation‘, a rather addictive game with a purpose – Omar Wagih is collecting the data on the guesses collected and using it to analyse how we perceive correlations in scatter plots. Select About to read the rules and further details.

Algebra includes the lovely SolveMe mobiles puzzles.

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Or for a rather different approach, try Shuttle Mission Workshop from Math Playground where students build and solve their own visual math puzzles. Play Shuttle Mission Pro first to practise.

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Math Playground – PEMDAS Exhibit

On Number, Math Playground, PEMDAS Exhibit provides great practice for order of operations. Touch an operation to form that part of the operation.

The Underground Maths page includes several resources on puzzles and games.

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Underground Maths – Equation Sudoku

From Underground Maths try Equation Sudoku for example.

We can write down equations:

f+g+a =19

m+k+c =16

and so on.

As always on Underground Maths we have suggestions and a complete solution as well as printable/supporting materials.