Christmas Update

New resources have been added to the Christmas Mathematics Resources and Mathematical Advent Calendar pages.

See also some other updates including guidance on advance information for Summer 2022 examinations.

From Matthew Scroggs – try his Advent Calendar for 2021; behind each day (except Christmas Day), there is a puzzle with a three-digit answer, solve the puzzles to help Santa have a successful test flight so that he can deliver presents; you can read all the details in his post.

Also from Matthew, look at his great Christmas cards, I have made several of these for students. The 2021 Chalkdust card contains 14 puzzles and can be used interactively or you can download a pdf version. See also the cards from 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

Perton Maths Department continues to provide us with Christmas challenges.

MEI has been sharing Christmas activities, see #MEIChristmas. I do like Building 3D Fractals from Think Maths.

From STEM Learning, we have Christmas – 21, a collection of Christmas-themed resources for STEM subjects including Maths.

One of the STEM resources is Christmas Puzzles; The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) published four seasonal puzzles from Amusements in Mathematics by Henry Ernest Dudeney, published in 1917, in their Secondary magazine. I have mentioned Henry Ernest Dudeney’s – Amusements in Mathematics before (see Free Books), the Kindle edition is free. Several categories of puzzles are available. A search on Christmas returned 23 puzzles, solutions are all provided.

Try this logic puzzle from Sarah Carter – Reindeer Logic Puzzle and note her collection of Christmas resources.


Exams and Assessments 2022 – the exam boards have published guidance on advance information that will be provided for summer 2022 exams.

NCETM has published a very useful introduction to the DfE guidance on teaching maths at KS3.

Try Jonathan Hall’s lovely Place Value Chart on Mathsbot.

I do like this visual representation of Euclid’s Algorithm highlighted by Bernie Westacott. The GeoGebra resource is by David Wees.

Murderous Maths regularly publish puzzles; check their puzzles page. This has been added to my puzzles collection.

From Deb Friis, see Disciplinary literacy in maths and also part 2. Both posts have been added to my post on Literacy Skills in Mathematics.