Advent – Open the Christmath Doors!

It’s December! So many mathsy doors to open!
See my updated Advent Calendar collection.

Now it’s December – you can open Transum door 1 to reveal this gem!

Transum Dec 1st
Transum Maths Advent Calendar

I do like this Dec 1st Transum activity. Use the given palette to make sure that all the trees are decorated differently – brilliant for thinking about systematic listing strategies. Note the different levels available.

Look at all the wonderful collections on Nrich on Working Systematically.

Staying with Nrich…

Charlie said: “Alison, think of a two-digit number. Reverse the digits and add your answer to your original number. I bet your answer is a multiple of 11.”

Choose Dec 1st on the Nrich Secondary Calendar to try Always a Multiple and see Charlie’s Number Trick. For December 1st on the Primary Calendar, we have Order, Order!

For more on being systematic, we could work out how many triangles are inside the 5-pointed Christmas star on the Problem Solving Calendar from Mark Dawes. Mark has provided useful worksheets to accompany some problems including this one.

Looking again at some of these Advent calendar resources, I think many are useful for end of term Christmas activities for examination classes. In this category we have for example:

JCalderwood revision

J Calderwood has provided three Advent Calendars – Advanced Higher, HIgher and N5 Maths for Scottish Students. A great revision resource that could be adapted for different courses.

Access Maths Christmas Revision

Alternatively how about a Christmas Revision Calendar from Access Maths? Scroll right down this collection of very helpful GCSE Revision Resources for two Christmas Calendars, one for Foundation and one for Higher.