Back to school at home…

Some UK schools returned to work last week, for others it will be tomorrow, so perhaps a good time to remind readers of what is on offer to support home learning.
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White Rose

White Rose Home Learning

Maths Genie
Maths Genie QuizA favourite site with many students is Maths Genie, launched on Tuesday 14th April, Maths Genie is providing Home School Support for students covering a range of abilities in three streams from Key Stage 3 (and high ability Key Stage 2) to high ability Key Stage 4. The resources are available now, see the Maths Genie Home Learning – You Tube Channel. Videos are available on YouTube and at the end of each week a recap lesson, and a mini online assessment are available from Maths Genie’s Maths Grader. (@mathsgrader on Twitter)


Venn Paint – Transum Mathematics


I have often mentioned Transum for its high quality, attractive resources. Given that there are an extensive number of self-marking exercises available, this can be a great source of activities for students to work on at home.

Have a look at these factor tree puzzles and note the tabs with the different exercises available.


Transum – Topic Index

The Transum site is easy to navigate, there is a clear Topic Index for Teachers also, for students a Maths Map with numerous activities to support their learning.
Transum Maths Map

Chalkdust Magazine

A good time to read a magazine perhaps, Chalkdust Issue 11 has just been released. You could find out how to cheat at cards with Kevin Houston, take a look at space-filling curves, find out about Weirdonacci numbers, or win goodies with the Prize crossnumber and much more. An entertaining read for curious mathematicians.  Chalkdust has readers of all ages and mathematical backgrounds, in their description for writers they suggest that articles should not be too difficult for an enthusiastic first year undergraduate to understand (but the starting level can be much lower than this).

…and two reminders for this coming week

From 20th April, ResearchEdhome promises us some wonderful cpd, beginning with Daniel Willingham.

For any of your students studying Physics, Warwick University are launching their Physics A-level Journal Club.