Mathematical Miscellany #39

I have often mentioned STEM Learning resources, we have their excellent selections for A Level such as the marking activities such as the one illustrated here many of which I have used successfully in class. This is one of Susan Wall’s resources; her excellent resources can be found in this Active A Level Mathematics collection on STEM Learning. ‘Marking’ is one of the many hand-picked resources by topic for Advanced Level. To quote STEM Learning “Each resource has been hand-picked to cover key subject content in Pure, Mechanics and Statistics, as well as meet the overarching themes of mathematical argument, language, proof, problem-solving and modelling.”

We also have resource collections for younger students, KS3 and 4.

STEM Learning - Home LearningSTEM Learning now have Home learning activities for families with resources to support primary students and for Secondary students, Maths, Science, Computing, DT and Post 16 resources are available.

STEM Learning - Maths Calendar

STEM Learning – Maths Calendar

Looking at Secondary Maths, we see a collection of games, activities and puzzles that can be used to support children’s mathematical education from home. This attractive calendar links to resources for each day of the term; follow the guide, or choose appropriate activities. No account is required for the home learning resources linked to on the Maths Calendar.

For teachers, below the calendar you will see resources including a section on STEM resources and NRICH activities where STEM Learning and NRICH have teamed up to link favourite activities from the NRICH website with resources on the STEM Learning website.

ComanwebGraham Colman is publishing 4 questions a day, with answers provided in his Easter 2020 collection. As you can see he has provided an easier GCSE question, a harder GCSE question, “something interesting” and one A level question.

And watch this space, for we have coming soon …

A favourite site with many students is Maths Genie. Launching after Easter, from Tuesday 14th April, Maths Genie will be providing Home School Support for students covering a range of abilities in three streams from Key Stage 3 (and high ability Key Stage 2) to high ability Key Stage 4. A provisional timetable is available now and you can see from the description on Maths Genie, the careful structure which will be provided:  

It is important that students continue to learn when the schools are closed. In order to support home learning, after Easter (April 14) Maths Genie Home School will be launching. This will be a structured set of lessons to revise learning from school as well as introducing some new content. Each school day at 10.30 am a video will be launched to explain a maths topic and provide practice questions. Videos will premiere on YouTube and will be available on this website immediately after. At the end of each week there will be a recap lesson, and a mini online assessment from Maths Grader.

From 20th April, BBC Bitesize will be supporting students learning at home. Regular daily lessons in English and Maths, as well as other core subjects will be provided in an expanded version of the BBC Bitesize website and also on special programmes broadcast on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button.

From 20th April, ResearchEdhome promises us some wonderful cpd, beginning with Daniel Willingham.

For any of your students studying Physics, Warwick University are launching their Physics A-level Journal Club.