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In a post in September 2014, I wrote:

I must recommend the free samples from Bring On the Maths, the Core 3 activity – Logarithmic equations worked really well with my Year 13 class and next week I’ll use the C4 Binomial Expansion resource when we are talking about the validity of a given expansion. I have used the Trigonometric Ratios resource before – and will again; there are several other great resources in that list of samples – explore!

Kangaroo Maths
Bring on the Maths Logarithmic Equations
Free access is available to the complete set of these resources on the old Kangaroo Maths site. Log in with the user and password as above to access all the resources. This will give access to all the activities for students from Key Stage 2 right through to A Level – note that this being the old site, the resources are aligned to earlier schemes of learning but still so useful.

Looking at the old level 5 and 6 Algebra resources for example, we could try Simplifying Expressions  or Constructing and solving equations.

Distance Learning will be demanding for many children and parents, they need time to relax too, it’s certainly a chance to read more or perhaps get away from screens and listen to a story. For as long as schools are closed, Audible are providing stories which are free to stream on a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. An extensive collection of stories, including titles across different languages is available. No accounts or passwords are needed. See Audible’s ‘How to Use Stories‘ and start listening; note the menu where children can select by age.

White RoseI have often mentioned White Rose Maths who have so many free high quality resources, see for example Secondary Schemes of Learning and Assessments for End of Block or End of Term. Check their Home Learning, the White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of five maths lessons for each year group from Year 1-8. More will be added each week for the next few weeks. Every lesson comes with a short video showing  clearly and simply how to help children to complete the activity successfully.

On CIMT there are interactive tutorials for Years 7, 8 and 9.

CIMT Interactive Material

CIMT Interactive Material – Year 9 Indices


MathsBox Quick CoverMathsbox is a subscription (excellent value) site but all the Quick Cover Lessons have been made available free on TES Resources. Each each lesson includes examples/methods with 30 to 60 questions – answers.

And now available…

Maths Box Skills Checks

Mathsbox – Weekly Skills Checks

Also, free for everyone Weekly Checks for Year 3 to GCSE.

MEI are providing additional support during school/college closures; a package of free resources to support remote teaching is available.

The summer term includes work on consolidation for the year, note my post on Knowledge Oragnisers, particularly the collection from Nicola Whiston who has Algebra KO extract Nicola Whiston

started a collection of Knowledge Organisers which follow the White Rose Schemes of Learning, she is sharing the collection here, via Dropbox. These are really attractive and I think will appeal to students.

Craig Barton has shared links to many resources and ideas in his post: Covid-19: School closures – free maths support, resources and ideas.

CK-12 Foundation has created a resource page with hand-picked lessons in math and science popular during the month of March.

From Bobby Seagull, “The Magic of Numbers: Why Everyone Should Love Maths”.

From Tom Sherrington – see Setting Work for a long-haul shut-down.

And some brilliant CPD from Tom Sherrington, see his ‘Rosenshine Masterclass Captured. Free CPD!

In case this is useful for anyone – a post for students here; this includes links to Notes and Videos.

Stay safe everyone.

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