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Estimating Angles - Transum

Estimating Angles – Transum

Julie Morgan’s mention of Transum‘s starter on estimating anles reminded me of how often I use resources on Transum which is mentioned all over this blog! Staying with Angles, there is a further Angles Activity with 4 levels so you can practise as much as you want! And here are more Angles Activies including Starters.

I thought it would be useful to put together some of the resources I have used from this excellent site full of high quality resources. Transum has a superb collection of free resources. (Subscriptions offer additional features but the free model is superb.)

The appropriate place to start is of course with the fantastic collection of starters – Maths Starter of the Day. Note that there is a complete index of starters including the topic of the starter. Many of the Shine and Write activities would also make good lesson starters. For example are these statements true, sometimes true or false? As with many of the activities on this site you can refresh the page for further statements, you can also change the level. Or perhaps some Mathanagrams? I think it is through the starters that many teachers have come to know the site, but it has so much more!

Transum - Topic Index

Transum – Topic Index

The Transum site is easy to navigate, there is a clear Topic Index for Teachers also, for students a Maths Map with numerous activities to support their learning.

Transum - Maths Map for tudents

Transum – Maths Map for students

Venn Paint is included in my Venn Diagrams post.

Level 2 has 3 set Venn Diagrams. Exam Questions are included also (solutions are provided for subscribers).

Systematic Listing Strategies includes Transum activities.

Transum - Combinations resources

Transum Combination Starters

And many more mentions….
Box Plots and many other Statistics activities,
Transum Box Plots


Transum - Arithmagons

With Year 11, we practised Completing the Square with a Transum level 2 and level 3 activity. And in case you want some more Algebra – there’s a whole index of activities.

On Arithmagons the Arithmagon activity which has options for forwards and backwards problems on Addition, Multiplication and Subtraction displays very clearly on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Investigations Resources includes Investigations from Transum 

Happy Numbers Resources – an attractive statement of the problem on Transum

Mathematics Crosswords includes this Transum interactive crossword with the software from Eclipse.

I’ll finish (for now) with a Counter Moving Puzzle!


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