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World Maths Day 2015

See After World Maths Day.

The World Education Games 2013 was held on 5th to 7th March 2013 with World Maths Day on 6th March 2013.

The World Maths Day blog has the latest news you can also follow @WorldEduGames on Twitter or The World Education Games on Facebook.

During the World Maths Day event students of all ages play other students in their age category from around the world in live games of mental arithmetic. I have seen many students of all ages thoroughly enjoying this event.

During the event itself students can earn points for up to 50 games, 10 at each level, each game lasting one minute. Over 50 games can be played but the points will not be added to their personal score for the event.  Teachers can play too! Note that the event lasts as long as it is the event date somewhere in the world; check the site for start times at various cities round the world; in London for example the event lasts from 10am on 5th March to 10am on 7th March. There are also clear guides for students and teachers available under Resources.

For those interested in practising their spelling in preparation for World Literacy Day there are numerous resources online including games.

Have fun!

WMD High Score 56

Current high score on level 2 (19+ age category)!

Colleen on wmd

33 comments on “World Maths Day

  1. I forgot my login for the website! I forgot my password and everything! The teachers gave me a slip and now I’ve lost it! Should I ask again? I’m so nervous 🙁

    • Azn talk to your teachers first thing in the morning, remember that the World Maths Day event lasts for a 48 hour period whilst it is 6th March somewhere in the world. Not sure where you are – but hopefully you will still have a chance to play the games.

  2. Hi Colleen,

    Great to see your site getting more awesome and awesome by the years.
    If only we could have more of such passionate math educators like yourself on this planet. Really hope to be able to collaborate with you something in the near future. All the best and god bless. Peace.

    Frederick Koh

  3. Hello Colleen,

    My class is participating in World Math Day & enjoying it very much.

    I have a question about the live results & Hall of Fame, hopefully you can help.

    I have a few students with well over 1,000 correct answers, but they only have 400 or so “hall of fame points”. I assumed that hall of fame points were just the number of correct answers, but I guess that isn’t it. Any idea as to how are hall of fame points are calculated?

    Thanks for any info!

    • Apparently the Hall of Fame refreshes daily at midnight Jason, but I seem to remember last year that people made similar comments to yours, so I am not sure what is going on here!

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  5. I was playing worlds maths day for my school and was doing very well (receiving about 40 points in every round) I knew that I had about 416 points before I went on the streak and played for about 5 times getting the 40 points but then when I went to check my score so far it wasn’t added on! I kept on trying it didn’t work! I was playing on level 3 so I decided to go on level 5 to see if it works and it did but only sometimes! How did this happen?!? levels 1 and 2 don’t work either! please help!

    • Hi Taial – one of my own students said the same thing this morning.
      I wonder if you will find that your data is updated later?
      Remember that only the points from 10 games at each level will count towards your event score even though you can play as many games as you like.

      I do not have any personal connection with World Maths Day – knowing how much students enjoy it I just publicise it here

    • Tania you will be able to access the World Maths Day site at the moment and during the competition but when the competition is over only people who subscribe to Matheletics will have access. Note the links to Sumdog and Tutpup – these games are free all year round.

  6. Hello school is trying to register since 1st of February but till now we didn’t receive the user name and the password for my school to register the students.. my students are waiting..

    • Hello Mrs Abeer.
      Have you tried contacting them?
      Under Resources – there is a FAQ document which has emails for various countries.

      They have a Facebook page as well – though when i posted there they suggested contacting customer services. It seems you are not the only one having problems.

    • Yes, that should be possible from February 1st. Pre-registering has just meant that one gets any reminders. This year for the first time I got an email with the technical requirements which I was able to pass to our network manager.

      • hello miss colleen ,i am just trying world education games 2 of them are working but science is’nt working so whats the sollution i will be really thank to you

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