World Maths Day

World Maths Day 2015

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The World Education Games 2013 was held on 5th to 7th March 2013 with World Maths Day on 6th March 2013.

The World Maths Day blog has the latest news you can also follow @WorldEduGames on Twitter or The World Education Games on Facebook.

During the World Maths Day event students of all ages play other students in their age category from around the world in live games of mental arithmetic. I have seen many students of all ages thoroughly enjoying this event.

During the event itself students can earn points for up to 50 games, 10 at each level, each game lasting one minute. Over 50 games can be played but the points will not be added to their personal score for the event.  Teachers can play too! Note that the event lasts as long as it is the event date somewhere in the world; check the site for start times at various cities round the world; in London for example the event lasts from 10am on 5th March to 10am on 7th March. There are also clear guides for students and teachers available under Resources.

For those interested in practising their spelling in preparation for World Literacy Day there are numerous resources online including games.

Have fun!

WMD High Score 56

Current high score on level 2 (19+ age category)!

Colleen on wmd

World Maths Day Registration

Having been asked by more than one person last year how I added my students I thought I’d post some instructions.

When I first logged into the site I found I was on the Add Students page where you will find instructions. I had already created a spreadsheet with the required information, first name, last name, age and class name. Copy your spreadsheet by selecting all the cells then use Ctrl – c. Now go back to the site and click in the first cell in the header columns it may look at this point that this is impossible!  But click in it anyway then paste – Ctrl-v

wmd registration1

Hopefully your student or students should appear in the grid – scroll down and select ‘Submit’. The first time I tried I received an error message that some surnames were too long, so I shortened them and tried again – success, the whole school – over 1000 students enrolled. Teachers can play too – I love the age category: 19+!