Here’s the question….

What’s the grade?!

Grade that question

Zeb Friedman’s Grade that Question

I have previously mentioned Zeb Friedman’s Grade that Question resources on the Suffolk Maths site; this such a good idea and will certainly help students become familiar with what is required at each level or grade. (See GCSE revision materials, Foundation Tier Materials and Higher Tier Materials).

There are many other resources where questions are given by level or grade, also resources to help students understand the various levels / grades; I have included useful links on the Progression page.

It struck me that grading the questions would make an ideal starter, this could then seamlessly turn into a main activity where students try the questions! I have therefore added this to the Starters site, I have also added some posts from this blog so anything I think useful for a starter is in one place. Note Here’s the Diagram ….what’s the question? (with additions since I first wrote the post), Settlers and Ever wondered why; Year 11 will be getting the fractional and negative indices ‘Ever wondered why’ worksheet from Just Maths as a starter this week!

It struck me whilst writing this post that we could turn the title round, supply the students with a topic and ask for a grade …. question. We could of course also turn round Here’s the Diagram ….what’s the question – let them read a wordy description and then draw the diagram – perhaps a useful exercise for Mechanics A Level students.

Now wondering about other possibilities for Here’s the ….. , what’s the …. ? resources!

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