A job for the summer holidays – make it easier to find resources on this site!

With this mission in mind I have added a Search page to highlight the Search function.

On the subject of searching, I recommend both Evernote and Diigo – I use both. This morning I was thinking about a resource I need for September (I think I need a holiday!) – for a making polyhedra session and remembered I had bookmarked it on Diigo; so from approximately 2000 bookmarks I had what I wanted in seconds!


WolframAlpha – this is definitely worth taking a look at if you have not seen it before.
For example type in:     solve 3x+7 = 13
(or any equation of your choice, use x^2 for example for powers!)
Note that you have the option to view the steps when the results are returned.

Have a look at the gallery of examples for inspiration, including Mathematics.

Update 12th April:

Recently introduced Wolfram Alpha for Educators has examples of how it can be used in the classroom.