A job for the summer holidays – make it easier to find resources on this site!

With this mission in mind I have added a Search page to highlight the Search function.

On the subject of searching, I recommend both Evernote and Diigo – I use both. This morning I was thinking about a resource I need for September (I think I need a holiday!) – for a making polyhedra session and remembered I had bookmarked it on Diigo; so from approximately 2000 bookmarks I had what I wanted in seconds!


SortFix is a new way to search; search on quadrilaterals for example and note the power words returned.

One or more of these can be added to the search to refine it. For example to return sites on types and properties of quadrilaterals:

It is possible to drag terms to the  remove box to exclude them from the search and any term can be dragged to the dictionary box for a definition.

This seems a great way to introduce students to more advanced searching, certainly worth experimenting with.

The FAQ explain further options – note the advanced user options for example.

This YouTube video from SortFix provides an excellent introduction.


WolframAlpha – this is definitely worth taking a look at if you have not seen it before.
For example type in:     solve 3x+7 = 13
(or any equation of your choice, use x^2 for example for powers!)
Note that you have the option to view the steps when the results are returned.

Have a look at the gallery of examples for inspiration, including Mathematics.

Update 12th April:

Recently introduced Wolfram Alpha for Educators has examples of how it can be used in the classroom, note the Wolfram Alpha blog post on Step-by-Step Math and the Mathematics Lesson plans.