A job for the summer holidays – make it easier to find resources on this site!

With this mission in mind I have added a Search page to highlight the Search function.

On the subject of searching, I recommend both Evernote and Diigo – I use both. This morning I was thinking about a resource I need for September (I think I need a holiday!) – for a making polyhedra session and remembered I had bookmarked it on Diigo; so from approximately 2000 bookmarks I had what I wanted in seconds!

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  1. Dear Colleen – I now urgently need to organise my bookmarks/webresources. Which of the two Diigo/Evernote would you recommend?
    Thanks, Anja

    • Hello Anya
      Do you know I am now torn! I started using Diigo first and still like it very much, I like the social aspect of it – groups I belong to are very useful. Diigo’s research tools are excellent.

      Evernote search is astonishing – if you simply want to store things and find them again Evernote will do the job beautifully. In fact I recently exported all my Diigo bookmarks and put them in an Evernote note, they also go automatically to Delicious so my bookmarks are everywhere!

      You won’t go far wrong with either! You may find that you can do everything you want in Evernote.
      See also
      I have decided I rather like shared notebooks for sharing information with others.

      Perhaps play around a little with both, think hard about exactly what you want to do.

      Thinking about it though if someone said ‘you can only have one of these’ then it would have to be Evernote!

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