A Level Further Maths – Videos

AMSP Videos for Further Maths

From AMSP this brilliant collection of short videos produced by the legacy Further Mathematics Support Program supports the Further Maths Specification. I have used many of these successfully in class and recommended them to students to support their studies. Look at any of the examination boards, AQA, Edexcel, OCR A pr OCR B (MEI) to see the comprehensive coverage for the course.

The AMSP videos which provide excellent specification coverage for AQA, Edexcel, OCR A pr OCR B (MEI) have been included for some time on the Further Maths Teaching Resources page.

I thought it would be useful for future easy reference to create a new page on Videos for Further Maths, this is one of the A Level Further Maths series.

On Mr Man Maths, you can find complete checklists for Edexcel Year 12 Core Pure, Year 13 Core Pure, plus the optional FP1 and FP2 modules. Mr Man’s checklists link to 6 YouTube channels.

To see the style for each channel, compare these videos on Loci in the Argand diagram.
(The AJ Maths video on Complex Numbers does not include Loci in the Argand Diagram)

AMSP YouTube Channel, the first of two vidoes (8 minutes) on Loci in the Argand Duagram.

TL Maths Home, TL Maths video channel, Loci with Argand Diagrams Playlist
TL Maths includes detailed playlists for all sections.
(first of 12 videos, 7 minutes)

Bicen Maths, this is the first of ten videos (10 minutes) on Loci in the Argand diagram.

Haberdashers’ Adams Maths Department YouTubeChannel,
Loci on an Argand Diagram, part 1 (of 2), 25 minutes

Hinds Maths one 56 minute video:


A site I use frequently is mathcentre which was developed by a group from the Universities of Loughborough, Leeds and Coventry, the Maths Stats and OR Network and the Educational Broadcasting Services Trust. See this link for a list of topics. Reading about the news from mathcentre I see there are leaflets available mathcentre  and statstutor showing the range of resources available.

mathcentre - quotient rule

mathcentre – Maths Tutor

Looking at the second page of the mathcentre leaflet, I noticed mathtutor which provides mathcentre resources conveniently structured as a course.  I shall refer my students to that this week, I want them to look at the quotient rule in my absence (I’m very much looking forward to the annual TSM residential workshop at Keele University) and plan to point them in the direction of resources they can use – a flipped approach! (See ‘Prepare ahead‘ here). I’ll see what they have learned on my return.

The mathcentre site includes extensive resources. Many of my students like the quick reference leaflets which are available on numerous topics. There are also teach yourself booklets, revision booklets, videos and diagnostic tests. Resources are available for staff and students. This is a site well worth exploring and recommending to your students.

Websites for Students…and more!

One of the most popular posts on this blog is Top >10 Mathematics Websites. It struck me that it might be useful to think about my top recommendations for students; once again using some categories as well as individual sites gives me the excuse to mention more than 10! So for your students:
Top >10 Mathematics Websites for Students

Back to the teachers!

I have mentioned TED-Ed before with its collection of Mathematics videos, note the feature now offered by TED-Ed to ‘find and flip’ which allows you to use a video and turn it into a lesson; see ‘Flip This Video’.

Looking at some videos, it struck me that something like  Gaurav Tekriwal’s The magic of Vedic Math would be ideal to tinker with! (These ‘tricks’ can make ideal starters, I have linked to some further videos on this page on Number on Mathematics Starters.)

On the subject of videos and TED, have you heard Ken Robinson’s latest talk,
How to escape education’s death valley?


From TED who provide free and inspiring video talks comes a new education channel: Ted-Ed YouTube ChannelNew videos will be added regularly, the introductory video explains TED’s aims for this education initiative.

It is possible to browse the videos by subject. There are a number of Mathematics videos currently available and the collection will grow.

My year 10s (UK age 14-15) were impressed with the video, Hans Rosling’s ‘best stats you’ve ever seen’. We also answered the question he posed near the beginning of the video to see how we compared to the chimpanzees!

Students can try the Gapminder software themselves. A teachers’ page has numerous resources and guides on how to use Gapminder are also available.
It is possible to share a graph, try clicking on the image below to see this graph on Gapminder. You can easily generate different graphs by using the menus available on the axes.
Note the menu on the left of the graph which includes options to browse examples and download a pdf guide.

For further Mathematics videos – see the Videos page.
The TedEd collection has been added to the Evernote shared notebook.