Mathematical Miscellany #75

A collection of impressive resources…

Jake Gordon – Worked Examples

Jake Gordon has been rather busy! Have a look at his “monster of a PowerPoint”. These detailed worked examples are based on the book Teaching math with examples by Michael Pershan.

Also inspired by Michael Pershan’s book and her research on self-explanation, have a look at Karen Hancock‘s journey into worked examples.

From Nathan Day – a brilliant collection of resources on Distributivity: Partitioning, Grid Method, and Expanding Brackets The 15 tasks increase in demand. Note the complete thread.

Nathan Day

Also from Nathan Day – a wonderful collection of Starters – again, note the complete thread.
I have added this collection to my Starters page, a collection that includes Advanced Level Starters.

Andy Lutwyche – Erica’s Errors series

Andy Lutwyche’s collection of Erica’s Errors where students must identify errors in solutions can be an ideal starter for either retrieval practice for an earlier topic or to consolidate learning for a current topic.

Added to my Primary page – curriculum mappings from NCETM

Also added to the Primary page:

On DrFrostMaths there is a growing collection of Key Skills for Primary students.

I have mentioned DrFrostMaths more than once recently, a new instruction manual for teachers is now available.

DrFrostMaths Key Skills – Algebra

From the GCSE/IGCSE/L2 Further Maths page, the pages for individual topic areas all include Sites with clear resources by topic, see the Algebra page for example. These resources by topic include links to the relevant DrFrostMaths key skills.