Solving Linear Equations

GCSE Content
17. solve linear equations in one unknown algebraically (including those with the
unknown on both sides of the equation); find approximate solutions using a graph

A variety of resources to use:

Enigma Maths Hub: under Key Stage 3 Mathematics Core Concepts see Solving Equations – Small Steps

Enigma Maths Hub

For each of the above you will find suggestions and resources including NCETM checkpoints activities.

Desmos – Solve equations bar models

Maths White Board

On Matt Woodfine’s Maths White Board, from the home page use the filter to choose Algebra and search on linear equations.

Math Whiteboard

On Math Whiteboard start a new board. On the right-hand side of the top menu select the three dots for More and then Highlight equivalence.

You can type expressions on a whiteboard and equivalent expressions will be highlighted in the same colour – brilliant. (For more on this feature – see Highlight Equivalence.

PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado Boulder,

The ability to display or hide the variable and to take snapshots means working can be clearly shown using this PhET Sims Equality Explorer.
Math HTML5 PhET sims by topic see PhET Sims – Index.

Andy Lutwyche – Clumsy Clive On Solving Equations

From Andy Lutwyche one of the Clumsy Clive series is on Solving Equations. Andy has many other Equations resources including Building Blocks – Solving (Linear) Equations.

SERP – Algebra by Example

On the SERP website before see MathByExample and AlgebraByExample which is a set of Algebra 1 assignments that incorporate worked examples and prompt students to analyze and explain. These resources can provide prompts for discussing common misconceptions.

Transum Mathematics

Using the KS3 Index on Transum, we can see many activities on solving linear equations these activities include equations with fractions.

On Dr Austin Maths you can find many resources on linear equations.

The practice strips are wonderfully efficient for photocopying.

On Corbett Maths we have videos, practice questions and textbook exercises.

Dr Frost Maths

On Dr Frost Maths we can use any of the reosurces here on linear equations or perhaps try his full coverage resource – if you want a compilation of GCSE questions.

I think this ‘cover up’ method seen here on Don Steward’s Median can be helpful for many students, something I have used sometimes in class where students are finding solving equations challenging.

On Don Steward’s Median, you will find resources labeled linear equations, linear equations cover up method, and linear equations x both sides.

CIMT Year 7 Interactive Resources

CIMT have a tutorial on Linear Equations in their Interactive resources for Year 7 and on Linear Equations with Brackets in the Year 8 resources.

Graspable Math – Solving Equations

Graspable Math is easy to use, I decided I would solve an equation and wanted to show all the steps. To start, go to a blank canvas and choose Insert / Math Expression, I have used the method of selecting and holding the = sign to start as you can see illustrated in the video above; I was then able to enter an operation to apply to both sides of the equation.

equation to solve
Graspabale Math - Solve Equation
mathisfun balance when adding and subtracting

From Phil Bruce – Linear equations with algebra discs.

Phil Bruce – Linear equations with algebra discs

On Jonathan Hall’s Mathsbot, in the Manipulatives collection, we have Algebra Discs.

BossMaths Algebra Discs.

Using my GCSE Algebra page which includes the GCSE subject content and resources, note also the sites easily searchable for algebra resources by topic. Several examples from these pages are given in this post for further resources from other sites on that list:

Colin Foster – Expression Polygons