Mathematical Miscellany #74

Back in Mathematical Miscellany #46 revisiting some of the much older Miscellany posts to remove broken links I was reminded of some resources still available after many years.

For today a small selection of some resources from older posts. From 2011, we have a dance for teachers of Decision Maths – Dancing the Bubble Sort! I see AlgoRythmics celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2021.

Math Open Reference

From 2011, Math Open Reference, I have used this many times – I particularly like the constructions, see this on Bisecting an angle for example.

Mike Hadden – Excel Files

Also from 2011,  Mike Hadden’s Excel Maths Files are all still there.

In 2011 I wrote about the weekly problems try the challenges from the University of Mississippi.
Four problems are set every week.

…still going strong!

I’ll finish with slides from a session I presented at last year’s MA Conference on Enduring Websites – some sites that have been with us for many years and all still there!