Mathematical Miscellany #46

A job I have been meaning to start for a while, a revisit to some of the much older Miscellany posts to remove any broken links and a reminder of the many excellent resources still available. This will be an ongoing project. For today a small selection of some enduring excellent resources from older posts.

Visual Patterns
Visual Patterns – Fawn Nguyen

From Fawn Nguyen comes the brilliant Visual patterns, note the menu; the Gallery includes blog posts from teachers and students who’ve used visual patterns in their classrooms.

White Rose Maths Hub problems

For Problem Solving – GCSE Problem Solving Questions of the Day – Compilation from White Rose Maths available on TES Resources. The booklet contains over 50 problem solving questions suitable for KS3 and GCSE classes, answers are also provided. This resource along with other Problem of the Day resources is available from the White Rose Maths site.

Particularly excellent resources come from Andy Lutwyche, an author I have featured regularly on this blog; in fact looking back I see I recommended him as far back as 2012! Look at his excellent Erica’s Errors series for example and if we check on TES, these free resources also include plenty of errors from Clumsy Clive!

sim eq

Mudd Maths menu
Mudd Maths Fun Facts

Mudd Math Fun Facts has resources which can make great starter activities, perhaps try Squares Ending in 5 and Multiplication by 11 both made excellent starters. I have looked at at proofs for these with students as well as enjoying the mental Maths tricks! You will find more lightening arithmetic suggestions on the site.

From the Science Museum, Mathematics in our World looks at how mathematics connects to so many aspects of our lives. Seeing the Spirograph, a favourite childhood toy reminds me of the brilliant digital version, Inspirograph by Nathan Friend. Try altering the gears so that the fixed and rotating gear are the same size, or make one size a factor of the other, make the two sizes have a common factor, or not! Investigate. You can change the colours too and create a work of Art!
More Spirograph resources.

Inspirograph by Nathan Friend

I’ll end this week with a rather more recent resource, Forming Equations from Andy Lutwyche where students form equations from diagrams, the problems become more challenging but are accessible to a wide range of students.

Andy Lutwyche

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