Mathematical Miscellany #65

From Wayne Chadburn, I do like his little bit of Maths each day calendars, it’s almost May, so we can start with a May calendar. See these calendars for March, April and May. Do check all three calendars as these have been written to focus on each of the three papers and the topic lists announced by Edexcel. Whilst written with Edexcel in mind these are great revision resources whichever board you use. Full solutions are provided.

Wayne Chadburn

See my post Mathematics Worked examples for A Level for a variety of resources for Maths and Further Maths.

On Dr Frost Maths, use this list if you are looking for a specific topic – All Exam Skills/Key Skills on DrFrostMaths, I have done as suggested and created myself an Excel spreadsheet so I can easily filter a search.

From Colin Foster, such a good and thought provoking read on Tangible contexts for mathematics; to quote Colin Foster:

Do contexts help students to understand mathematics or do they just make it harder for them to untangle the mathematics from all the extraneous information? I think the answer is yes – both of these happen on different occasions. So, what is it that gives some contexts the potential to be powerfully illuminating?

Colin Foster

I do like the mixing paint context, I have used the Nrich problem Mixing Paints many times, this has an interactivity to check your answers.

Nrich – Mixing Paints

Did you know that you can mix colours on WolframAlpha?

Edexcel – Teacher’s Guide to Command Words

Literacy Skills in Maths includes many ideas and resources; at the end of the post there is a short section on further reading which I have updated with articles from Cameron Setter and Clare Feeney.

Further Reading

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